Sunday, April 25, 2010



What you are looking at are individual soybeans digesting in Nitric acid. This process breaks down almost every molecule in the bean to its elemental components, which allows us to quantify the levels of each element within the sample using ICP-MS. The renovations to the lab are finally complete and we are starting to work out the kinks in the process. Pretty soon we will be able to start working our way through the backlog of samples that have accumulated in our lab.

Arabidopsis Association Paper published in Nature

The big Nature paper, to which we contributed phenotype data, is now out. Its a great example of the power of plant genetics, many different phenotypes evaluated on a common population resulting in a wealth of really interesting associations. Its way cool, but the bigger populations that we have analyzed are even better and soon we will be submitting some really cool new results for publication.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Introducing Walter

How cool is Ionomics? So cool that we are able to recruit beer scientists to the cause! Introducing Walter Iverson, the newest member of the Baxter lab.

Mobile Photo Apr 15, 2010 9 07 13 AM.jpg

Walter has years of analytical chemistry expirience and will be running the ICPs and the elemental profiling facility. Welcome Walter!